Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

I had to take these pictures inside because it was so cold here on Easter. Meredith loved her new "high heels" she couldn't wait to wear them. She says they are tap shoes. Parker wanted to wear a tie and I just about never found a shirt to go with it. After church we ate at Ming Garden for lunch. I know that isn't your typical Easter meal but it's what we wanted. We then came home and rested before going back to church that night.

Lunch with the Mumpowers

We went to Don's parents to have lunch for Easter on Saturday. This is easier when we all are on different schedules. Parker and Meredith had fun hunting eggs and Jordan had fun carrying them around. Parker, Don and David through baseball and had a great time.

Jordan with the eggs.

Meredith waiting to hunt eggs.

Let's find the eggs.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the egg hunt at Central on Saturday morning. We had a great time. We have been going to this egg hunt for several years. The great thing is that every child gets a prize before they leave. Here is Parker getting ready to hunt.

Meredith and the gang counting and opening their eggs.
Parker listening for prizes.
Meredith, Jacob,and Cora listening for prizes.
Lorie waiting for the hunt to start.
Go Meredith!!
Parker hunting for eggs.
Meredith and Chloe and their eggs.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dying Easter Eggs

Everyone had fun dying eggs. These are so bright they look like they are plastic.
Lorie getting the dye ready.

Good Friday at the Park

We decided to meet some friends from our church at the park today and play. Apparantly lots of people had the same idea. We ended up playing with 5 other familes from church. Everyone had a great time. This is Catrina, Meredith, Chloe and Ralph on the swing.
How fun.
Parker, Dawson, and Austin on the teeter totter.
Meredith and Chloe.
Best Friends!!

Parker coming down the bumpy slide.Meredith playing.
Carter coming down the bumpy slide.
Carter's first time in the swing.
Parker and Noah on the spider web.
We had a wonderful time playing in the sunshine. We are on spring break so you never know what we might get into this week. Stay Tuned.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Week

We've not update this week because it has been very busy. We started out last weekend with Meredith having a stomach bug. Then we registered her for Kindergarten on Tuesday. We are very excited about that. Just what we have waited on. All of us being on the same schedule in the same place. This is like a dream come true. People ask me if I was upset about her going to kindergarten. No, we all are very excited to be going to the same school everyday. Parker also started baseball practice this week. It looks like he will be playing 2nd base this year. Then I got the stomach virus. So as you can see it was very busy.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party

I saw this on a friend's site and my ultimate party would be at Disney World. My most favorite place to visit. I teach first grade and absolutely love our Disney vacations. We have two children and have a very busy life. I am kinda new to this blogging thing. But I like to read everyone's blogs. Thanks, for stopping by my Disney party.

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