Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football,Football and more Football

What a team! Parker is number 68. Thanks Brandi for the pics.
Parker and the gang waiting on the game to start.
We pretty much spend our weekends attending various football games. We usually start out on Friday night watching East play football. Since some friends of ours coach there we are there to support the team. Parker has a great time playing with the boys and running out on the field with them and Meredith gets to play and cheer with Chloe. We then move on to Saturday morning when Meredith cheers for the Raiders at 9:30 every Saturday morning. We then go to Parker's game in the afternoon. And after that we pretty much collapse. We usually get one other game in during the week with the J.V. team. We are running around a lot but it sure is fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mamaw!!

Today is Mamaw's birthday. We just want to wish her a happy day and thank her for all she does for us all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New York Trip

Fireman at Ladder Co 10, the closest fire department to ground zero, they lost 7 men that day.
Construction at Ground Zero
They rode this ferris wheel in Toys R Us in Times Square
Lorie and Mylie in Times Square.
Battery Park picture
Don and Parker waiting to get on the train to go see the Yankees
Yankee Stadium
Meredith with her new doll and the doll that got a makeover at American Girl Place
Dinner at American Girl Cafe
Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in background

We are back from our last big trip of the season. We had a great time. We stayed in Trenton, NJ and rode the train into Penn station on Saturday and Sunday. We were able to see everything we wanted to see. We enjoyed seeing Yankee stadium and watching the ballgame. We even rode the subway into the Bronx to catch the game. Our next stop was The American Girl Place in midtown Manhatten. Meredith was just in awe. Actually we all were. Don was able to get us all reservations to eat at the American Girl Cafe for dinner on Saturday night and that was the highlight of Meredith's trip probably mine too. It was awesome. On Sunday we went sight seeing and saw Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Macy's and upper East side, the west side and Times Square. Lorie and I even bought pocket books in China Town. Now that is a story you will need to get in person from me. It was great. This was one of the best trips we have ever been on excluding Disney. I will post some pictures but I only have about 300 so not enough room on here for them all. Thanks Mamaw and Grandaddy for the Yankee tickets and everything else.

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