Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gray Fossil Site

Since we were on Spring break last week we visited the fossil site on Friday. Parker took his friend Porter with us. We all enjoyed seeing the fossils. We didn't get to dig because it was too damp.

Big Sue


BethAnne said...

My son is driving me nuts to go see Sue - apparently they get extra credit for going. (He is in 1st grade for crying out loud - how much extra credit can a 6 yr old need?)

Jennifer said...

We took Jarrett and Blake for the first time a few months ago when Sue first came to the Gray Fossil Site. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Jarrett and Blake are all about some dinosaurs!! They thought it was just the coolest thing ever!
Michael and I did too. It is such a nice facility. Isn't it just CRAZY that all that stuff was found just a few miles from our homes??!!!!

Hope you guys are doing well. Take care!

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