Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Meredith's New Dance Class

Bright Pink Ballet
Meredith has decided it is time for her to find her own "sport" so she started dance class last night. The first 30 minutes was ballet and the last 30 minutes was acrobatics. She loved the classes. She looked extra cute in her pink leotard and tights. She only goes once a week so she was a little disappointed that she didn't get to go again so soon. She really wanted someone to go watch her dance so Mamaw, Lorie, Carter and Mylie went with us. After the class we went back to the ball field to pick Don and Parker up from All Stars practice. They are going to play in their first tournament next week, but we will miss the first few days of it because we will be in the happiest place on earth. If you have somehow forgotten we leave for Disney next week.


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