Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School has started.

Well we are back in full swing well almost. Parker and myself start full days tomorrow. Meredith however will only go 2 days during the rest of this week and next week. She doesn't seem to mind. She has had lots of fun playing with her friends this week. I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me with taking care of them this last week while I have had to work. We are very blessed to have such great friends that were more than willing to help us. We will find out tomorrow who Meredith has a teacher. Parker is very excited about being in Mrs. Lancaster's class with his buddies. He has also started tackle football this year so we are still very busy. I am teaching first grade again this year although I had to move rooms I am ready to get this year started. On the other hand my Granny is being moved to rehab tomorrow. She had open hear surgery last Tuesday. She is doing pretty well. This is just a very busy time of the year for me getting everything ready. I will post pics as soon as possible from our first day on Monday.


piercefamilyof4 said...

Glad to hear the first day of school was a success! Can't wait to hear who Meredith's teacher is! Thanks for your comment! I'm sure everything will be just fine-it was obviously supposed to work out this way for us. :) Hope your grandmother keeps recovering well!

Tanja said...

Yes, please, tell us who Meredith's teacher is! Spencer has Mrs. Ph, and Allison has Mrs. H. I don't know anything about Mrs. H. I hope you have a great bunch of kids in your classroom this year.

travisb said...

I can't believe Meredith started school this week. Didn't you just bring her home from the hospital. We can't wait to see you guys...let me know if you need anything next week.


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