Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Days

Well contrary to what a lot of people(who are not teachers) are saying about Sullivan County being out of school. I for one am very excited. We need these days every once in a while. For starters the stomach bug is running crazy, even at our house, Meredith had it over the weekend. This will at least give some time for that to settle down, I hope. These days are great for teachers because I don't have the luxury of having all my laundry caught up, house picked up and supper started before 4:00. So I have to say I am glad to have a little time to just sit and not be on a schedule. I do like this in January and February but after that I am ready to get it over with and get to May. These snow days are one of the only perks us teachers get so we definitely enjoy them.
Other things we have going on right now is baseball sign ups this weekend. We are all excited about that. Even Meredith said yesterday I can't wait for Parker's baseball to start I like it much better that football. It may have a little something to do with Amanda being there. Meredith is taking ballet and tap and loving it and can't wait for her recital in May.
Also Lorie is in the hospital for a severe kidney infection and is expected to be there until about Thursday, so please keep her in your prayers. We are all juggling everything around to try to keep Mylie and Carter on their routine. Well now we just wait for the snow.


Tanja said...

Every single snow day I complain about, I think of you and my other teaching friends. I broke the news to my kids the other day that teachers love snow days... they were shocked! :-) I am counting these few days as a blessing, too, because I am out of doctor excuses for Clay without paying another co-pay and he just spiked a fever again... for the eighth day in a row! Hope Meredith gets better and nobody else gets it.

Robin said...

I, of course, agree about the snow days. Who gets mad about an unexpected day off??? = ) It does help with all the sickness going around, not spreading germs.

I hope Lorie feels better soon. I'm sure she's been miserable. Let me know what's going on.

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