Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Snow Day!!!!

snow day
Meredith enjoying the snow.
Sledding with the gang

Time for hot chocolate to warm up.

Baseball tryouts

Parker had baseball tryouts on Sat. He is going to be on the Rockies rockies

Meredith and Carter cheering Parker on.

Don and Keith are the coaches for the Rockies.

Our new Kitty

This is our new stray kitty that I picked up from the parking lot at the school. He stays outside but he is still very sweet. He has a different name every day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Setting the Table

Meredith and Parker both like to help in the kitchen with cooking and various things. Meredith was helping set the table for supper last night.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Day Off

Today we started out at Dr. Pillion's office our dentist to get cleanings and check ups. Everyone looked great no cavities. We then had breakfast at IHOP. This afternoon we went back to see Dr. Bohlman to check on Parker's new contacts. She said they were fitting great. The right eye was at 20/20 and the left at 20/30. This is great considering where we have came from. We were really pleased with this news. She said that we didn't need to see her for 6 months unless something comes up again. He seems to have grown some is what got the other contacts to not be working as well as they were.

Our Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day. Parker of course had a party at school and Meredith had a party at Cubbies. On Friday night our church had a special parent's night out for Valentine's Day. Parker's age had pizza, a scavenger hunt and a movie. Meredith made a craft and had a snack and just played. They had a great time. So Don and I and Lorie and Ted went to Troutdale in Bristol. I am putting the link here so you can see what it looks like. It is the Tri Cities only 5 star restaurant. There are so many courses to eat that we were there almost 3 hours. We started out with Butternut Squash soup. Then we had appetizers, salad, bread,and then you cleanse your palet with honeydew melon sorbet and then the entree'. We also had dessert. It isn't somewhere that you could go every week but it was fun. We had a great time. It was really fun. I am posting some pictures of them making out their Valentines cards.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Kindergarten Shots

Today was the big day. Meredith got her shots to go to kindergarten. We saw Dr. Mitoraj this morning and she had to get 4 shots, a TB test, and a finger prick. I will not lie she screamed and cried, but when it was over, she said that wasn't too bad. We then went to IHOP for some breakfast. Everybody knows a girl needs a friend to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments, so we met Chloe at Libby Lu for makeovers. They both had a great time.

Meredith at IHOP being silly.

Leaving Dr. Mitoraj's office with her special gift for being so brave.

libby lu

Meredith and Chloe at Libby Lu.

Dancing the Chicken Dance.

More dancing.

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