Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mickey Moms Club

These are the items I received in my package. We are now proudly displaying the magnet on our van. I was very pleased with being picked to be in the Mickey Moms club.
Of course since both of my kids have pin collections from Disney World they grabbed these.

Sometime last year while frequenting Disney sites. I know I am a little obsessed but that's ok. I will seek therapy in the future if I feel it is necessary in the form of a yearly trip to Disney. :)Anyway Disney was looking for applications to form a new website where Disney moms would answer questions for those that are planning trips to the world. I entered and didn't get picked to be on the panel. But I was able to help name the club and then last week got a package stating that the runners up were now members of the Mickey Moms club I even got some cool stuff in my package. What a surprise. Just a little Disney magic is all it takes to make me get excited. Just thought I would share.


Tanja said...

I was just telling Bruce the other night some of the Disney tips you gave me at the ballfield the other day. This is a perfect place for you to use your talents. Good for you!

travisb said...

How definately know Disney!!!!

Jerica Smith said...

Sounds so cool!! I can't think of a better "advisor" for Disney! We just love to leave your site up to hear the music-can't wait to see the pictures! We sure miss you guys and wish we were going with you!!!

Jennifer said...

I do believe this job was made for you!!
I saw on your "ticker" that you only have 37 days left b4 you leave for Disney.
I wish we were going back that soon. We are in love with Disney!

Hope you guys are doing well. You should have a new addition to the family pretty soon shouldn't ya?

Take care.

Nicole said...

Hey Amie...this is totally you! We are planning to go to Disney next fall (when Rylee is old enough to enjoy it) and I already knew in my head that I would be asking you a TON of questions!! :o)

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