Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She's Here!!

Meet Mylie.
Meredith so crazy over her already. She can't understand why she can't hold her all the time and has to share with everyone else. She can't wait to teach her how to cheerlead she told her yesterday. She just sits and sings to her.
Here she is with her Mamie, that is what Carter calls me. We don't have a picture of Don holding her yet because he has had a bad case of poison ivy and has had to have a shot, so we are still waiting on that.
Parker and Don had to leave yesterday for his game before she was born so he was real excited to get back and see her.
Mylie Addison Hibbs made her appearance today on Meredith's birthday. She was born at 5:46pm, 7lb. 4 oz. 20 in long. We had lots of things planned for the weekend that I need to blog but I figured everyone would want to see this first. On Friday night we all went to High School Musical on Ice, including Lorie. On Saturday night we had Meredith's party and then Sunday was Mother's Day so we were so glad the Mylie waited until we got through all of that before she decided to show up.


Nicole said...

How cool that she was born on Meredith's birthday! It is so exciting when babies are born. I am sure your entire family are so excited. Tell Ted and Lorie CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Cassie said...

Yay!!! Can't wait to see her!! Tell Lori and Ted Congrats!!!

travisb said...

I loved the picture you already sent....she is beautiful. Can't wait to see her in person.

Tanja said...

I knew it. I didn't see you last night at Parker's game. Spencer was playing on the field next to Parker's game and Clay saw him, but no Kaylors in sight. Hmmmm... :-) Neat that she came on Meredith's birthday, too.

Jerica Smith said...

How exciting!! We are thrilled for them (and her aunt:) and can't wait to see her picture! I know that she is gorgeous!! By the way...tell her that I know a little almost 1 year old boy that's available....:)

piercefamilyof4 said...

She is just beautiful! (did we ever have any doubts though?) I just love little bald-headed babies!:) Congratulations Auntie! I know you all are so excited! Glad everyone is doing so well! BTW, how was Meredith's bday??

Jerica Smith said...

She is absolutely gorgeous-those are such sweet pictures of you all wit her!! I cannot wait to see her in person!!! Congratulations to all of you!!
Love you guys!

Jennifer said...

Oh..Mamie..how sweet =-)
Mylie is such a cutie!!
Tell Ted and Lorie the Foxes say CONGRATULATIONS!!
I'm glad everything went well.
I bet little Meredith is thrilled that Mylie came on her birthday. What fun you guys will have on their birthdays.

Jerica Smith said...

She's B-E-A-U-tiful! Matt

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