Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football,Football and more Football

What a team! Parker is number 68. Thanks Brandi for the pics.
Parker and the gang waiting on the game to start.
We pretty much spend our weekends attending various football games. We usually start out on Friday night watching East play football. Since some friends of ours coach there we are there to support the team. Parker has a great time playing with the boys and running out on the field with them and Meredith gets to play and cheer with Chloe. We then move on to Saturday morning when Meredith cheers for the Raiders at 9:30 every Saturday morning. We then go to Parker's game in the afternoon. And after that we pretty much collapse. We usually get one other game in during the week with the J.V. team. We are running around a lot but it sure is fun.


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