Thursday, January 24, 2008

Homework Time

Meredith has her own homework book to work in to get ready for Kindergarten. That is what happens when your mom teaches school. You have to go to Pre-School at night.
Parker doing a little homework. He don't have it to often, thanks to Mrs. Horne. But he likes to do it when he does.
She is really concentrating hard. She even gets to put her own sticker on after I check her paper.


Kristie said...

They are so cute! You should be so proud!

The Foxes said...

Hi there!

I just saw your comment on my Random Question and I have got to tell you, it made me gasp!!
When I read...
"I am not a big fan of the beach."
Yes...I know you are a Disney gal all the way!
We are going to Disney for our first time ever during Spring Break. Michael and I have never gone either. So it will be a first for all of us!

We're excited!

Take care.

Jennifer =-)

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