Monday, January 28, 2008

Vacation Plans Finally

One of my favorite pictures. It all began with a mouse.
This was taken in Epcot at Innovations, you can send these as a free email from there.
O'hana restaurant at the Polynesian. One of our favorite places to eat.

After weeks of discussion, searching and thinking. We have finally decided where we will be going on vacation. I don't know why we wasted all that time because we are going back to our
favorite place. Disney World. Don was actually the one that wanted to go back this year. We absolutely love it there. All of us do, even Don loves it. This will make Parker's 6th visit, and Meredith's 5th. I have been about 15 times. Don has been about 10 times. This would border on obsession I think. I will have to say vacations don't get much better than Disney. Really Disney trips have to begin with research months in advance and we figure by the time our grandkids come we should be on the payroll as consultants. We have this down to a science now.


Tanja said...

How funny! We made our vacation plans yesterday as well... but we're heading to the Outer Banks. We went to Disney for the first time in December. There must be a huge difference between experiencing it with two vs. three kids. We were completely worn out, and decided it'd be at least four years before we headed back. We enjoyed it, but Allison in particular was scared of a lot of stuff.

Cassie said...

I am not surprised with your vacation plans!! Remember when I asked you a few weeks ago and you weren't sure? Hee hee. . .I know you all will have a great time. .as always. . We hope to go back next year. . .I wanted to go when Cade is 5. . .because Ian and Macey have both been there at age 5. . James thinks I have strange reasons. .Oh well!! We are working on our plans. .and just can't seem to decide anything but the week we are going. . .which is ALWAYS my birthday week!!! : ) Love ya

travisb said... all are definately experts when it comes to Disney. We always have a blast with you guys and Disney is no different. Both trips were awesome, especially the first one - Travis' first trip to Disney....and who will ever forget the rain incident. We will be 80 and telling our great grandchildren about that one.

Love ya.....Diana

Robin said...

Where are you going to stay this time? We are not going to the beach this year, and not New York. We are going to Chicago and then on up to the Dells in Wisconsin. We'll be gone the same time you will be. Gotta work around that class schedule, huh?

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