Monday, January 14, 2008

What has been happening.

Don and Brayden
Brayden's first Christmas
Diana and Parker love playing games.
Parker, Meredith and Brayden Barr.
We had the Barr's and Smith's over and we got a chance to spend time with them. The girls loved playing together and Travis loved playing Parker's guitar on the Playstation. He was actually the only person that has played the 80's version that knew all the lyrics with the songs. He was great. We spend a lot of time wishing for snow. That happens when your mom is a teacher, it is a requirement to become a teacher. Ha Ha. I have also made an appointment for Meredith to get her shots for school. Needless to say she is not real excited about the blood from her finger thing. I have told her that we will go to Build a Bear if she does good at the Dr. on February 1st. I will post the pictures tonight.


Nicole said...

good luck with the appt...jett had his done a couple of months ago...he had to get 5 shots (1 was flu shot tho) and then do the eye and hearing test and THEN had to get his finger pricked. he was NOT a happy camper! i can't believe they are about to be in kindergarten!!!! they were so little when we first met...we need to get together!

Tanja said...

Now that is for sure a little mini-Barr baby. He is a perfect mix of Diana and Travis. Too sweet!

travisb said...

Loved spending Christmas with you like we do every year. Who would have thought that our biggest gift this year would be a baby. Looking forward to many more to come. We love you guys so much and treasure our friendship.


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