Monday, May 26, 2008

School's Out for the Summer!!!!

Well today marks the first day of our official summer vacation. No one is more excited than me. We officially have a 3rd grader and a kindergartener. Parker had straight E's on all the report card for the year. We are very proud of that and since everyone else is taking a little time to brag on their blogs I will do the same. He has been reading a little above a 4th grade level all year. For those of you that aren't in the know about this. We give what is called a star test and it evaluates at what leve your child is reading. It is not completely accurate but gives a good idea of the progress made through the year. I can't complain about 2 years above the grade level. Meredith is so excited to go to kindergarten and I can't wait for all the excitement that goes with it. She ask last week if we start this week since school was going to be out. Look out summer here we come. Now all we have to do is wait for Disney time!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meredith's Birthday Party

Don, Parker and myself got Meredith a scooter for her birthday.
Here she is the birthday girl.
Waiting to blow out the candles.
The gang, this isn't everyone because a lot of the boys were playing baseball on the field. She was so excited to have her friends from her sunday school class. She has so many friends there that she will get to start kindergarten with in the fall.
Meredith had a huge party on Sat. May 10th at Indian Springs playground. We had a cookout with about 50 friends and family. She was so excited. Everyone had fun playing on the playground.

High School Musical on Ice

The whole gang

Getcha head in the game.
Waiting for the show to begin. Thanks Mamaw for the souveniers.
Carter really enjoyed his binoculars.

Sharpay's pink golf cart.

On Friday night, May 9th we went to High School Musical on Ice as part of Meredith's birthday present. We had a great time. It was a great show.

Awana Awards Night

Parker and Meredith at our church Indian Springs Baptist
Carter also finished Puggles this year and will be in Cubbies next year.
Parker with Pastor Roc, we really love him. Parker wanted to have his picture made with him.
I know these posts are a little behind but Mylie has kinda been in charge the last couple of days and I haven't been home long enough to post about the things we did the weekend before she was born. I will start of with Awana awards night. Parker earned his Sparky Plaque for finishing all 3 books in Sparks. We are very proud of him for that. He will be in T&T next
year. Meredith finished both of her books in Cubbies and will be in Sparks next year.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She's Here!!

Meet Mylie.
Meredith so crazy over her already. She can't understand why she can't hold her all the time and has to share with everyone else. She can't wait to teach her how to cheerlead she told her yesterday. She just sits and sings to her.
Here she is with her Mamie, that is what Carter calls me. We don't have a picture of Don holding her yet because he has had a bad case of poison ivy and has had to have a shot, so we are still waiting on that.
Parker and Don had to leave yesterday for his game before she was born so he was real excited to get back and see her.
Mylie Addison Hibbs made her appearance today on Meredith's birthday. She was born at 5:46pm, 7lb. 4 oz. 20 in long. We had lots of things planned for the weekend that I need to blog but I figured everyone would want to see this first. On Friday night we all went to High School Musical on Ice, including Lorie. On Saturday night we had Meredith's party and then Sunday was Mother's Day so we were so glad the Mylie waited until we got through all of that before she decided to show up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baseball Game

Parker's team the Rockies are now 5-0. He has already had a triple and a homerun. He is playing 2nd base and sometimes is playing catcher. This is the position that his daddy played so he is liking it a lot. Here he is on 2nd.

Playing Catcher.
Up to bat.

Way to go Parker!! You look great!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mickey Moms Club

These are the items I received in my package. We are now proudly displaying the magnet on our van. I was very pleased with being picked to be in the Mickey Moms club.
Of course since both of my kids have pin collections from Disney World they grabbed these.

Sometime last year while frequenting Disney sites. I know I am a little obsessed but that's ok. I will seek therapy in the future if I feel it is necessary in the form of a yearly trip to Disney. :)Anyway Disney was looking for applications to form a new website where Disney moms would answer questions for those that are planning trips to the world. I entered and didn't get picked to be on the panel. But I was able to help name the club and then last week got a package stating that the runners up were now members of the Mickey Moms club I even got some cool stuff in my package. What a surprise. Just a little Disney magic is all it takes to make me get excited. Just thought I would share.

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